Date of Entry
August 29, 2016
Semi-Permanent 2016

Two days of insightful ideas and the creative consciousness of Semi-Permanent, many pearls of wisdom were shared and a few one liners were tapped into my notes.
So here are those one liners strung together and fleshed out, followed by some fantastic social work.

The only real strength a brand has, is it’s brand. A note that seems like a straight forward concept, however like strangers in a lift; brands under a corporate umbrella can be awkward when put in the same rooms, sharing antiquated processes, systems & filters that the corporate umbrella company chain their brands with in an attempt to┬ástreamline & standardise processes. The risk is that the brands fall flat on their face and loose their unique identities whilst trying to jump through hoops with chains around their ankles. These big corporate umbrella companies will struggle and die with their brands if they rely on old systems and strategies, giving way to agile, risky, honest and outgoing grassroots companies.

Time to face the music and accept that there’s no formula in the golden age of social media marketing, none of us really know exactly what we’re doing, or what the formula for ‘virality’ is, and with the ever changing social landscape; Platforms like Facebook keep us on our toes 24/7, we’re always adapting and working hard to understand how their ‘patched-daily’ services are transforming.

It seems like a final frontier, almost a wild west, where we must be quick to draw and prepared to shoot from the hip. It’s a place where we can’t rely on old systems or processes because the playing field is forever transforming. Brands that embrace social should always be learning and adapting to make the most of the ever-changing landscape.

We can’t let fear or doubts hold us back. Doubt often lingers in the back of our minds when we are pushing the creative boundaries and ducking under our clients dusty corporate red tape. If we let doubts and fears hold us back, then we become average. We must keep ducking under red tape, silencing the fear & doubt, pushing the creative boundaries, being great.

Embrace the code. Big ol’ WPP group have many data-focused companies. They believe that these will be core to the future of advertising, if we truly are an adaptable communications business; We should seek solutions to bridge the programmatic-creative divide.
Lastly, my favourite one liner; Entertain or die.