Q:Why Assignment?
Because New Zealand brands, organisations
and cultures need better answers to
their communication problems.

This very moment is the most exciting time to participate in marketing and communications. Business models are constantly challenged, the consumer has more power than ever, the media landscape is ever evolving, and the choices by which we communicate grow every day. In this state of flux one thing becomes more valuable. The need for clarity.

Clarity is at the heart of what Assignment does.

We have no titles. No layers. We believe in creativity where it matters most.

We judge our success on our clients’ success.

We’re here to provide real answers to today’s toughest questions; to rise above the noise, get to the core of the issue, chart a clear path through a sea of complexity.

We have an innate understanding of New Zealanders; what’s important to them, how they’re feeling, what moves them to act.

We employ world class people, any of which could live and work anywhere in the world but choose to live right here in New Zealand.

Each of us is connected and committed to New Zealand. The success of New Zealand is important to us – and we want to contribute to it.

Our focus: to use homegrown insight to create world class solutions for the betterment of New Zealand.

It’s a lofty goal, but we feel no one is better qualified to deliver it than us.